Amatuna, Samuzzo (c1899-1925)

Born Sicily, c.1899.
Killed Chicago, Nov. 13, 1925.

Known as "Samoots" and "Sam," Amatuna reportedly briefly served as president of the Chicago Unione Siciliana organization. At the time - 1925 - Sicilian Mafiosi in Chicago were working to keep Alphonse Capone from gaining control of the local underworld.

Amatuna and several other key men of the Genna Mafia in Chicago apparently broke away and formed their own criminal organization. The organization possibly included Orazio Tropea, Albert Anselmi and John Scalisi.

Amatuna stepped into the Unione presidency after the murder of Angelo Genna on May 25, 1925.

Amatuna was shot and mortally wounded Nov. 10, 1925, in a barbershop near the intersection of West Roosevelt Road and Halsted Street. A few days later, as he attempted to marry his fiancee - Mike Merlo's sister-in-law Rosa Pecoraro - Amatuna lost consciousness and soon died.

Capone ally Antonio Lombardo became the next president of the influential Unione Siciliana.