Civella, Carl "Cork" (1910-1994)

Born Kansas City, MO, Jan. 28, 1910.

Died Fort Worth, TX, Oct. 2, 1994.

Nick Civella's brother and Anthony Civella's father, Carl "the Cork" took over day to day activities of the Kansas City underworld as his brother Nick faced increased scrutiny from law enforcement in the mid-1970s. Carl became full boss upon his brother Nick's death. 

The federal "Strawman" investigation of mob skimming operations in Las Vegas casinos occurred during Carl Civella's reign. Civella, his underboss Carl "Tuffy" DeLuna and other KC mobsters, along with underworld figures from Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Las Vegas were caught up in the case.

The Cork did not last long in the top underworld post, as he was sent off to a 10- to 30-year sentence in prison in September of 1984. Another 10-year sentence was immediately added through another matter. 

His son Anthony might have succeeded him as boss, but he was serving his own prison term for racketeering. Successful prosecutions so depleted the Civella faction in the Kansas City underworld that a semi-independent wing of the Mafia run by William Cammisano came to power in 1984. Anthony did eventually rise to the boss position by the end of the decade.

Carl died in prison in 1994, while Anthony was serving another prison sentence.


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