Civella, Anthony "Ripe Tony" (1930-2006)

Born Kansas City, MO, Feb. 17, 1930.

Died Feb. 14, 2006.

Anthony Civella began to move into the Kansas City Mafia leadership as authorities moved his father Carl into a long prison stay late in 1984. Anthony was also convicted in the same casino-skimming case, but he was sentenced to just five years. During his imprisonment, some believe he worked through acting boss William Cammisano to control the KC rackets.

Like his father and his uncle Nick, Anthony Civella was at home in gambling rackets and kept the Kansas City family a key player in nationwide illegal gaming. But, in 1991, three years after his early release from prison, he strayed from the "family business" and involved himself in the reselling of fraudulently obtained prescription drugs on the West Coast. The endeavor resulted in an extended jail term beginning in summer of 1992.

During Civella's imprisonment, his father passed away. Civella was released from prison in 1997. Due to a criminal history that dated back to 1952, he was placed on the Exclusion List of the Nevada Gaming Commission in February of 1997. He was similarly prohibited from involvement in any Missouri gaming.

Civella died in mid-February 2006.

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