Balistrieri, Peter F. (1919-1997)

b. Milwaukee, Sept. 12, 1919.
d. Milwaukee, Aug. 16, 1997.

As boss Frank Balistrieri headed  off to prison for a long sentence in 1984, his brother Peter Frank Balistrieri took temporary control of crime family operations.

Frank and Peter were sons of Milwaukee Mafioso Joseph Balistrieri, a native of the Town of Aspra, near Santa Flavia and Bagheria in Palermo Province, Sicily. During his brother's reign as boss, Peter served as a capodecina over a younger Milwaukee Mafia faction.

Frank Balistrieri and his two sons, Joseph P. Balistrieri and John J. Balistrieri, were convicted of extortion in 1984. Frank was sentenced to thirteen years in prison and a $30,000 fine. His sons were sentenced to eight years, later reduced to five years.

Peter Balistrieri presided over a period of great decline in the Milwaukee Mafia. Frank was released from prison in 1991 and died two years later. Peter died in 1997.

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