D'Andrea, Philip (1889-1952)

Born NY, Sept. 7, 1889

Died California, Sept. 18, 1952.

Phil D'Andrea served as a bodyguard and trusted adviser to Chicago mob boss Al Capone. During Capone's tax evasion trial in 1931, D'Andrea sat directly behind the prominent defendant by special permission of the court.

D'Andrea later was found to be attending the court proceedings while armed with a handgun. He was arrested as he left the courtroom on Oct. 10. At that time, the press referred to D'Andrea as "Capone's constant companion."

After Capone's imprisonment for tax evasion, D'Andrea became the president of the declining Unione Siciliana organization in Chicago.

D'Andrea was sought for questioning in connection with the April 1941 murder of Italian-language newspaper editor John F. Arena. D'Andrea was known to be part owner of a competing newspaper.

In 1943, D'Andrea and other Outfit leaders Paul Ricca, Louis Campagna and Charles Gioe were convicted of using extortion to build an empire in the Hollywood entertainment industry. They were sentenced to ten years in prison but served just three. They all were paroled on Aug. 14, 1947. The paroles did not escape notice. Federal legislators demanded all documentation on the early releases. The matter was again investigated in November 1952, after D'Andrea's death.

D'Andrea was one of the many underworld figures called before the Kefauver Committee in 1950.

He retired from the Chicago underworld and moved west to California.