Corallo, Antonio "Tony Ducks" (1914-2000)

Born East Harlem, NY, Feb. 12, 1914.

Died Springfield, MO, Aug. 23, 2000.

"Tony Ducks" Corallo served some jail time for trafficking narcotics as a kid and gradually became a big shot in the Gagliano-Lucchese Family in New York.

Some believe he directly succeeded Tommy Lucchese as boss of the Family in 1967, but it appears that he was passed over at that time because he was serving a prison sentence for bribing the New York City water commissioner. Carmine Tramunti appears to have served as boss until he was put behind bars and Corallo was released.

Corallo guided the Lucchese Family into labor racketeering, construction and waste hauling rackets. Corallo is believed to have been a key participant in bid-rigging and bribery schemes involving New York City government contracts. He was tied to former Tammany boss Carmine DeSapio in a 1969 case.

The FBI identified the 71-year-old Corallo as long-time leader of the Lucchese Family in 1985, as authorities moved against the Mafia Commission members in New York. Police agencies had bugged a car, which was owned by a Corallo confidant and often used by Corallo, and then followed that car around for four months, picking up pieces of conversations.

Corallo was sentenced to 100 years in prison after the Commission trial. He died Aug. 23, 2000, within the federal prison hospital in Springfield, MO.

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